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黃雨柔 律師​








Rachel represents clients in business negotiations and local and international investment matters in our firm. She is an experienced litigation lawyer and her expertise includes corporate, securities, arbitration, intellectual property protection, white-collar crimes, family affairs and inheritance cases. Rachel is highly praised and trusted by our clients for her meticulous research and incisive strategies on complex cases.


Rachel has advised on a range of landmark cases in Taiwan and abroad such as high-profile corporate management rights disputes involving tens of billions NTD; as well as transnational mergers and acquisitions in the solar energy sector involving hundreds of millions USD. Her work has covered mainland China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Singapore, and Australia.


Rachel’s coordination on multi-faceted matters and prompt feedback on issues have helped her won praises from our clients and cooperative law firms around the world.



Civil and Criminal Litigation

Commercial Dispute Resolution




Taiwan High Court, Mediator

Admitted to Taiwan (R.O.C.) Bar



Pan Asia Law Office, Lawyer



Soochow University, I.B.

Soochow University, LL.B.



Chinese (Mandarin), English

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