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As one of the premier law firms in Taiwan serving domestic and cross-border needs in complex transactions and international dispute resolution, Liu & Partners provides our clients the most comprehensive solutions and the best practices across multiple jurisdictions by working closely with our worldwide alliance law firms.


Our lawyers with extensive business management experiences are known for their acute industry awareness and reputation for maximizing value for our clients. We have assisted with the spin-offs of Japan Mitsubishi Group (Taiwan); M&A between Symbio Group (China) and Flander Group (Finland); as well as cooperation with major funds, venture capitals, and international investment banks including Lazard, Citibank, Bridgescale and more.


As a pioneer in this field, we are committed to investing relationships and connections across Greater China to deliver optimal solutions to our clients. We have assisted various Taiwanese companies to establish the first Taiwan Industrial Zone in Chengdu, China; the first joint venture life insurance company in Shanghai, China (Manulife Financial); and the first Chinese company to set up a registered branch in Taiwan (China Southern Airlines).


Our team of qualified lawyers and global alliance law firms handle large and complex cases in domestic and international litigation, arbitration and dispute resolution. Our clients have included multinational consumer electronics company exceeding USD$1.3 billion and its subsidiaries in the U.S. involved in complex litigation and mediation; as well as several high-profile individuals in civil and criminal matters in Taiwan and abroad.


Our lawyers with extensive PRC legal knowledge can assist you with the enhancement and expansion of business ties across Greater China under the "One-Belt, One-Road" Initiative.  Liu & Partners founder, Mr. Jan-Wei (David) Liu, is one of the first arbitrators of the Arbitration Centre Across the Straits in Pingtan, Fujian Province; and he also serves as an appointed arbitrator of CIETAC Beijing.


We understand the complex nature of the sector and are experienced in dealing with government agencies and staying up to date with the latest science and industry developments. Our team has successfully assisted internationally acclaimed scientists in establishing laboratories in Beijing, China; as well setting up the Meiya Biotech (Taiwan) R&D centers and advice on new technologies regulations and compliance.


Liu & Partners is recognized by industry leaders as the preeminent legal advisor in the field of eSports (electronic sports and professional gaming) and entertainment.  Our eSports legal team has advised popular platforms like 4Gamers (Taiwan) and the Taiwan Cyber Athlete Association, and we were appointed by YouTube as the official Taiwan legal counsel for the global film competition – “The You Generation”.


Raising capital around the world has become increasingly difficult with volatile business environments and increased regulations and competitions.  Our team has assisted numerous domestic and overseas enterprises in securities issuance and underwriting projects, and we continue to foster strong connections and relationships with international and the Greater China PE funds.


At Liu & Partners, we work closely with our global alliance law firms to provide you the most accurate and effective strategies across multiple jurisdictions.  Our firm specializes in IP acquisitions and technical share arrangements in corporate startups and cross-border M&A, licensing negotiation, IP protection, as well as strategic advice on IP litigation.


Liu & Partners is dedicated to providing our clients pragmatic and tailored solutions that minimize potential losses.  Our lawyers and counselors have represented numerous Taiwan listed companies in their bailout negotiations during the Asian Financial Crisis; as well as corporate restructuring and bankruptcy procedures for well-known enterprise in Taiwan.

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