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Liu & Partners in Fuzhou on “The 'Chinese Dream' and Practical Issues of One-Belt, One-R

Liu & Partners founder, Mr. Jan-Wei (David) Liu (Right), was invited by the Arbitration Center Across the Straits; CIETAC (Fuzhou); China Maritime Arbitration Commission (Fuzhou); Fuzhou University School of Law; and China Federation of Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs to speak in Fuzhou on September 25, 2016 as part of the China Arbitration Week. Other panelists included Ms. Wenying Yang, the Secretary-General of CIETAC (Hong Kong); and Mr. Zhen-an Zhang, partner of Co-Effort Law Firm LLP (Shanghai). Registered attendants included over 200 lawyers, students, and government officials, as well as over 300 audiences in Fuzhou via live broadcasting.

Mr. Liu informed the audience of the potential opportunities and challenges facing businesses under the One-Belt, One-Road initiative, as well as the necessary visions and skill sets that legal professionals and arbitrators must possess in the future. He advised young lawyers to become acquainted with international arbitration rules and approaches taken by legal systems around the world. By drawing from their experiences, Chinese lawyers will better understand how to succeed in commercial arbitrations; the cultural and philosophical differences towards arbitration in the East and the West; and to further increase negotiation leverage. Mr. Liu particularly highlighted the imperative to thoroughly understand the Chinese legal culture in order to deliver legal services consistent with the 'Chinese Dream', which will strengthen the credibility and reliability of the Chinese arbitration system.

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