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Liu & Partners at the 4th Lake Tai Sinology Forum on the “Rule of Law – Perspectives from the Ea

Liu & Partners Founder, Mr. Jan-Wei (David) Liu, was invited to speak to over 300 audiences including judges, lawyers, academics, and the police force at the 4th Lake Tai Sinology Forum in Jiang Su Province on “Taiwan’s experience with the Rule of Law and the ‘Chinese Dream’” on September 29, 2016. Other speakers included Mr. Zhongqiu Zhang (Professor and Deputy Dean of the Institute of Legal History of China University of Political Science and Law); Mr. Yanlei Wu (Former Partner of Sidley Austin LLP (Washington DC)), and Mr. Binghan Gao (Former Judge and lawyer in Taiwan; 2012 China’s Inspiration Role Model on “Touching China”). Mr. Liu informed the audience of the legal developments in Taiwan after the change of leadership in May 2016, and he highlighted the recent increase in distrust towards judges in Taiwan contrasted with a more positive perception of law when he first began practicing 38 years ago. He encouraged the audience to consider the factors behind the shift, which may be attributed to a lowered sense of integrity amongst legal professionals, as well as a loss of confidence in the procedural and substantive due process in the legal system. Mr. Liu prompted the younger audiences and students in attendance to become leaders of the future by brainstorming ways to tie the ‘Chinese Dream’ and the rule of law together. He suggested that both may converge upon a deepened understanding of the Chinese legal history and culture. In particular, Mr. Liu highlighted the five cardinal virtues of Confucianism – Ren, Yi, Li, Zhi, Xin, which may serve as the basic foundation to the future development of the Chinese law and legal system.

Mr. Liu is a preeminent lawyer in Taiwan with extensive experiences in cross-strait and cross-border investment, transactions and disputes. He currently serves as an arbitrator of the Arbitration Center Across the Straits in Pingtan County, Fuzhou Province, and he is an appointed arbitrator of CIETAC Beijing.

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